There has never been a time when Corporate finance and IT departments have become more closely intertwined than now. Chief financial officers (CFOs) require IT tools to supervise and run the finance function, ensuring data are secure, and help them in their roles as strategic advisors.

We accommodate IT support to discrete asset banking firms, dealers, mortgage providers and banks. Our proficiency in data storage and collapse recovery assistance is vital to these clients. Our platform is an excellent quick fix for companies that seek ways to elaborate their business, enter advanced markets and sharpened services. Since 2009 our software has fashioned some of the world’s ultimate innovative financial services companies.


Our solutions have constantly kept pace with today’s fast world, helping our customers to provide the ever growing demands of their clients. Our vast experience along with rooted insight is combined to build software solutions which more than 150 organizations in 50 countries rely on today to power their lending and transaction banking businesses.


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